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Leading Through Circumstance

The current economic and sociopolitical climate has left many of us uncertain about the future. This perception of uncertainty has created numerous hurdles in effectively leading a team. In the upcoming webinar, we will be discussing some of the difficult circumstances we are currently facing as leaders, as well as we will be reviewing useful methods you can apply immediately to be a more effective leader in the midst of any circumstance. Register now for this webinar because seats are limited!

July 30, 2020


5:00pm – 6:30pm

Pacific Time

10 Seats Open

Limited Availability

A Brief Overview

What You Will Learn

If you are currently in a leadership role or have aspirations to become a leader in your organization, then this is webinar you will want to attend. We will be discussing the most useful mechanisms you can apply right away to be a more effective leader in any circumstance and get the most out of your team. We will also review:

  • The shift of “what do you do?” to “who do I want to be?”
  • The beginning of a plan moving forward
  • Being able to look past circumstance and what is in the way
  • Having an experience of coaching
  • Connecting with like minded people

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Jeff Miller
Featured Speaker

“What I’ve learned from my experience on tour is that no matter where people are in the world, most of us have the same struggles, beliefs and desires, but most people don’t have the support or structures to move forward. I want to see everyone succeed and be the greatest version of you. So I’ve made it my life mission to help people WIN.”

Through Accomplishment Coaching’s Leadership and Coaching program Jeff has received training from one of the finest and most renown coaching programs in the world. Jeff also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

"Jeff is a solid coach who was able to get to the roots of many of my issues quickly and effectively. He was great at helping me to establish new practices and equally effective at holding me accountable. I always felt that he had my best interests in mind as he expertly coached me towards my goals."

Michel KSan Diego, CA

"Jeff is an amazing life coach with a unique ability to translate what you are trying to achieve and understand about yourself into plain English and attainable goals!

He is incredibly articulate, insightful, smart and encouraging. In each session He actively listens and helps you truly understand more about who you are and what makes you tick. He takes this information and assists you in creating a platform to help you grow to your full potential. He is noticeably prepared before coming to each session which makes the time spent together extremely effective. He helps create reasonable, practical and measurable goals that push you to develop into your best self. I highly recommend Jeff – you will see visible results and improvement in multiple areas of life!"

VeronicaWestlake Village, CA

"My very first meeting with Jeff  gave me the clarity and courage to voice what I really wanted  to accomplish - lose 30 extra pounds I was carrying around, change my lifestyle and get healthy. With Jeff's guidance, I did it! We're now on to enhancing my personal development by learning new businesses and meeting new people. I could never have achieved any of this without Jeff. He is an invaluable partner!"

BarbaraLos Angeles, CA

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